Friedman: Rangers will be diving into UFA waters

The New York Rangers’ rebuild may be taking a noticeable step forward this summer.

Elliotte Friedman had a Friday morning radio hit on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960.

With the Flames and Rangers set to clash that evening, the Insider was asked for his general take on the hometown team’s opponent.

“I think what’s really interesting is how Strome, after kind of falling out in Edmonton, has found a role there,” began Friedman. “I think he’s been a little bit revived in New York. That’s a good sign for them.

“It’s going to be an interesting summer for those guys because they’re going into the free agent waters, and they’re not going to be tip-toeing in - they’re going to be diving in. I think it’ll be interesting to see Panarin, I think they’re going to take a big run at him. We’ll see what else is out there.

“But I’ll tell you this: I think that Quinn, I think he’s a good coach.

“Lundqvist, to me, his legacy has only been increased by how he’s played since they made all of their changes. He could have easily mailed it in or said, ‘I don’t like this, I’m in my 30s and I don’t want to rebuild,’ but he’s only played harder. I’ve gained a lot more respect for him than I already did with the way that he’s played since they decided to tear it down. That guy, he’s great for that franchise with the way he’s played since they tore it down.”