McKenzie: Jets’ decision shifted Stone trade scene

Almost more interesting than the trades that actually took place by the deadline are the ones that didn’t materialize.

Bob McKenzie had a Tuesday morning radio hit on Vancouver’s TSN 1040.

The Insider was asked how the Mark Stone trade played out in terms of other interested teams, and how many clubs he thought were in on the winger.

“I think there were like five or six teams,” indicated McKenzie. “And things took a turn for the worse for Ottawa and a turn for the better for Vegas when Winnipeg just decided, ‘You know what? It’s going to be too rich for our blood. We’d rather do Kevin Hayes and a whole bunch of depth deals. We’re no longer in this.’ And that kind of changed everything, I think.

“And I think some of the deals that Ottawa were getting were more just along the line of first-round pick, first-round conditional pick if you re-sign him, and a prospect - but not an A+ prospect like Brannstrom. And I think that was the problem that Ottawa ran into.

“There was all sorts of speculation, and I’m not saying this was the offer from the Islanders, because I don’t know that it was - but the rumor - and I stress ‘rumor’ on this - was that they were offering a first-round pick and Beauvillier for Mark Stone. And then there was some question as to whether or not that had to include an extension or not. So I don’t know the facts well enough to report any of that, but that’s kind of what was out there.

“But other than that, I think they were getting a lot of quantity and nothing that you could hang your hat on. I felt like at the end of the day, they felt like in Ottawa that, ‘We’re going to have a defenseman here in Brannstrom who’s not only a good prospect - a real good prospect - but he’s exciting to watch. He’s fun to watch. He’s the kind of guy that people will buy tickets to go and watch and play the game of hockey, because he’s exciting and dynamic.’

“And I think that’s ultimately what won out for them.”

Stone was dealt to the Vegas Golden Knights Monday, and the two sides also agreed to an eight-year contract extension.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly