LeBrun explains last-minute Stone trade details

The behind-the-scenes intricacies behind trades can be fascinating, and Monday’s Mark Stone transaction was just such an example.

Pierre LeBrun explained his understanding of how that deal played out between the Ottawa Senators and Vegas Golden Knights during the latest edition of the Two-Man Advantage podcast, which LeBrun co-hosts with Scott Burnside.

Craig Custance was this week’s guest, and the podcast was recorded Tuesday morning.

“So my understanding is they agree, essentially, to terms on the trade around 2:15 Eastern, Ottawa and Vegas,” began LeBrun. “But then Vegas says to Pierre Dorion, ‘We don’t have a trade unless we sign Mark Stone.’ So then, in the next half-hour as Pierre Dorion is frantically sitting at his office saying, ‘This better not fall apart on me,’ Vegas is negotiating with Newport Sports on an extension for Mark Stone. Vegas is not making this trade without the agreement in place, right.

“We just had Mark Stone and Newport negotiate with the Ottawa Senators for like, a month, and not come to an agreement. Vegas and Stone is trying to do it in 30 minutes, which they did. But I’m just saying, that half-hour was quite nervy for especially the Ottawa Senators, but Vegas too.

“Not to mention the history between the two teams, where they has an Erik Karlsson trade fall apart in the last 10-15 minutes of the trade deadline a year ago. And then they had an Erik Karlsson trade not go through this summer, which really frustrated Vegas - really frustrated.

“So there’s some history between these two organizations to boot. But at the end of the day, this is why I wanted to start with the Kelly McCrimmon-Mark Stone relationship. Newport hammers out a deal with Vegas. I think they’ll announce it - I guess they can’t sign it until March 1 for CBA reasons. But that clinches the deal.

“Now, the thing that fascinates me is what if they can’t negotiate the contract. What if the signing bonuses are an issue, or what have you, and that deal falls apart. Does Pierre Dorion have a Plan B trade on the table. Oh my goodness. I suspect he did, but just picture the idea that the Vegas-Ottawa deal almost could have fallen apart if they don’t negotiate that extension.

“That’s the crazy part of all of this for me.”

Stone was dealt to Vegas, along with Tobias Lindberg, in exchange for Erik Brannstrom, Oscar Lindberg, and a 2020 second-round draft pick that originated from the Dallas Stars.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly