Friedman’s latest intel on Duchene-to-Predators

It could be something. It could be nothing. But there may be a caution flag on the Duchene-to-Nashville notion.

Elliotte Friedman had a Thursday TV hit on NHL Network, as part of a roundtable discussion with E.J. Hradek and Billy Jaffe.

At one point, it was pointed out to Friedman that so much of the talk has surrounded the potential of Matt Duchene being traded to the Predators, and the Insider was asked about alternative destinations.

“I have been beating the Matt Duchene-to-Nashville-with-an-extension drum all week,” noted Friedman. “So this has really been something that I have believed could very well happen. I think a lot of parties have wanted it to be happening.

“This morning, I got a call to maybe cool down on that today. I wonder if there’s something going on there where either the asking price is high or the extension talk is high. And I’m always wary about this because as all of you guys know, it tends to go (up and down), right. Things change on a daily or hourly basis.

“But I got told today maybe not as likely, though I still think there’s always a chance that could change. Because I do think the Predators love Duchene and I do think that is a place that he would love to play. But I just heard today it had cooled down, and not to push it as much.

“So we’ll see where it goes. But I think if it’s not Nashville, I think it could be Columbus. I think it could be the New York Islanders. And I think there’s an outside chance it could be Winnipeg, although I don’t think that’s their top preference.”

Duchene is in the final season of his five-year, $30 million contract, and he can become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly