Friedman: ‘I think that Winnipeg is all-in on Mark Stone’

It remains to be seen if Mark Stone will re-sign with the Senators, but the Jets may be the best-equipped team to entice Pierre Dorion into a trade.

Elliotte Friedman had a Tuesday afternoon radio hit on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650.

The Insider was asked which team among the Stone suitors has the most to offer.

“I think Winnipeg does,” responded Friedman without hesitation. “And they want him. They were there all weekend, Dorion was. He was there all weekend. He saw them play Colorado on Thursday. He saw their American Hockey League team play Rockford, which is Chicago’s team on Friday. The Jets and the Senators played on Saturday. And then on Sunday he saw the AHL team play Milwaukee, which is Nashville’s team, and that was not a coincidence.

“I’m not convinced Winnipeg is in on Duchene yet, or they will be. I think that Winnipeg is all-in on Mark Stone, who’s a local guy.

“And Winnipeg has a lot of things they can do. They’re willing to move their first-rounder. They’ve got some really good prospects. They’ve got Roslovic, they’ve got Niku, they’ve Vesalainen. I’m not convinced which of those guys they’ll give up. But if it’s, say - for argument’s sake - Vesalainen and a first-rounder, that probably gets him done as a rental.

“Before people go absolutely wild with that and I get radioed, that’s just me spitballing, right. Winnipeg can do that, if they want to, and that’s a good package.”

Stone is on a one-year, $7.35 million contract, and can become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly