Dreger: ‘The Bruins are in it to win it’

This will be the week for contending NHL teams to make noise on the trade front, and the Boston Bruins are expected to strike.

Darren Dreger had a Monday morning radio hit on Toronto’s TSN 1050.

The Insider was asked the Bruins’ ability to pay for trade assets.

“When you look at Boston, they’ve got two or three very similar young forwards like Heinen, Bjork,” noted Dreger. “There’s three or four of them that they could part with. These are good players, players that you’d want to hold onto in a perfect world and watch them develop and grow.

“But the Bruins are in it to win it, no pun intended here. They feel like they’re designed to contend for the Stanley Cup right now, and it’s pretty obvious why when you look at some of their aging forwards like Backes and Krejci. Bergeron is just a marvel - this guy is a science experiment because he seemingly gets better every time he steps onto the ice. Tuukka Rask. Go down to all of the pieces that they feel are Stanley Cup-worthy.

“They just would like to add a little bit more and they’re willing to part with the assets, be it draft picks or some of the young pieces that I’ve talked about.”

There was a few Bruins-related notes earlier in the conversation on 1050 as well.

Dreger had pointed out how well the team had dealt with adversity throughout the season, “and yet they just find a way. If Don Sweeney can add that piece that he’s been so desperately - maybe that’s an exaggeration - but the piece that he’s been really looking for pretty much all season long, maybe dating back to the off-season - if they can just add a little bit more secondary scoring punch, I’ll tell you, they’re going to be a primary contender, there’s no doubt.”

Later on, Dreger had a more specific trade-related mention.

“Let’s say Boston adds a piece,” hypothesized the Insider. “I feel like we wanted to link Tyler Toffoli of the L.A. Kings to Boston relatively early in the search. So we’re probably talking six weeks, eight weeks ago. I don’t think that Toffoli is their main target anymore.

“I think like so many other teams are watching the Ottawa Senators. If someone like Ryan Dzingel popped into the market, depending on what’s going to happen this week with Stone and Duchene, I think Boston would be all over that. So you add another piece like that - this young man is trending toward a 30-goal scorer this year.

“They’re going to do something, and that’s going to make them even tougher.”

Dzingel is wrapping up a two-year, $3.6 million contract, and can become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly