McKenzie: ‘Lou’s in the business of trying to win Cups’

The New York Islanders may well be angling to bolster their chances at a Cup run this spring.

Bob McKenzie had a Wednesday evening TV hit on NBCSN.

As part of a viewer question segment, the Insider was asked what he thought Lou Lamoriello and the Islanders may do leading into the trade deadline.

“First off, it’s a fool’s game to try and predict what Lou Lamoriello is going to do because Lou doesn’t tell anybody,” remarked McKenzie. “I’m sure there’s lot of people in the organization that don’t know exactly what’s going on.

“But here’s what I know about Lou, who I’ve known for an awfully long time. He’s 76 years old. He’s the general manager of a team that a lot of us thought was going to be pretty average to below average this year. He’s got potential NHL coach of the year in Barry Trotz. He’s got two guys, Robin Lehner is particular, playing very, very well in net. He’s got guys who we thought they would be selling off at the deadline - pending unrestricted free agents like Jordan Eberle and Anders Lee and Brock Nelson.

“I would say looking at Lou, knowing him as I do, that he’s not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He’s first place in the Metro Division. I would think if he has the opportunity to add and help his hockey team between now and the deadline - they don’t score goals as easily as they would like. They’re a little tight there. But they’ve got such good structure, such good goaltending, and Trotz has done an amazing job.

“So I would suggest that all things being equal, Lou’s going to be in the market for a little goal scoring help. I don’t think he’ll blow his brains out to get it. But I certainly think he’ll try to improve his hockey team, because you don’t always get opportunities like this. And Lou’s in the business of trying to win Cups.

“As I said before - and I’m not making Lou old, by any stretch. But he’s 76 years old and he’s got an opportunity here to contend for a Cup this year. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t want to take it and embrace it.”