Friedman looks ahead to Flyers’ trade potential

Wayne Simmonds may likely be dealt from the Philadelphia Flyers in the coming weeks, but he certainly may not be the only one.

Elliotte Friedman had a Monday afternoon TV hit on NHL Network.

As part of a group discussion on which biggest name player they were most confident would be moved before February 25, E.J. Hradek chose Simmonds, and Bill Lindsay discussed the merits of merits of the high-profile UFAs in Columbus and Ottawa, including Mark Stone.

Then came Friedman’s turn to respond.

“The question Bill is who do we guarantee will be traded and I don’t want my guarantees to be remembered like an average politician, so I’m scared of making guarantees,” laughed Friedman. “I agree with you. Mark Stone is the No. 1 guy on the list, but I think there is a decent chance he stays in Ottawa, so I don’t want to pick him.

“So I’m going to cheat a bit and say it’s going to be somebody from Philadelphia because it’s clear from Chuck Fletcher’s words today he is testing the market on everybody not named Claude Giroux, and probably everybody not named Carter Hart.

“I can’t guarantee the Columbus guys are going to be dealt. I think one of the Ottawa guys are going to be dealt, but I can’t guarantee which one. So if you’re asking me for a 100 percent ironclad guarantee, I’m going with someone from Philly, and I think it’s possible the name is maybe more of a surprise than Wayne Simmonds.”