Friedman on Simmonds: ‘I think he’s getting dealt’

The Flyers may not have an official position on the matter yet, but seeing a Wayne Simmonds trade in the coming weeks seems likely.

Elliotte Friedman had a Friday afternoon radio hit on Edmonton’s 630 CHED, and was asked for his latest take on the pending unrestricted free agent winger.

“I think it’s more likely than not that he’s getting traded,” said Friedman. “I think there’s a few teams interested.

“I’ll tell you this: I think it has not been an easy process for Wayne Simmonds. I think he wanted to be a Flyer. He loves being a Flyer. He liked being part of that organization. I think the whole process has been very difficult for him.

“I think the other thing that makes it tough is that the organization made a decision to pay James van Riemsdyk and not him. And I think whenever that happens, it’s very difficult for a player because you’re there and they go out and sign somebody else.

“I think he’s getting dealt. I’ve mentioned Nashville several times. I’m curious to see if a number of legitimate contenders take a look at Simmonds because he plays the kind of game you’d think that would be there in the playoffs.

“Boston didn’t like paying a first-rounder last year for Rick Nash, so I don’t know if they’d do that again. But he seems to be the kind of guy who would fit in Boston.”

Simmonds is on an expiring six-year, $23.85 million contract, and it does contain a modified no-trade clause through which he can nix 12 locales.

The Flyers signed van Riemsdyk to a five-year, $35 million contract when free agency opened in July.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly