Dreger on Oilers’ first-rounder trade mindset

The Oilers’ first-round pick could turn out to be a fairly valuable commodity, but how willing is Peter Chiarelli to deal it away?

Darren Dreger had a Thursday morning radio hit on Edmonton’s TSN 1260, and was asked how hard he thought the Oilers were shopping that 2019 selection.

“I wouldn’t say that they’re shopping it hard,” cautioned Dreger. “It’s just an acknowledgment of the needs of the Edmonton Oilers. It’s been well-documented they’d like to add a Top-4 defenseman if they can, and they’re so bold that they’d like to add a top-six forward as well.

“Well, you don’t acquire those pieces - in fact, it’s next to impossible to do in the regular season anyway, regardless of the trade deadline - but you do not acquire those pieces unless you’re willing to include something like a first-round pick. That seems to be the currency, and has been for the last five-plus years. Even for the rental market, you go up to the trade deadline and everybody is asking for the first-round pick, plus, plus.

“When you’re talking about the pieces that I’ve outlined - either an impact forward or a top D-man, then it is going to be a first-round pick, plus a prospect, plus maybe a younger roster player.

“So I don’t think the Oilers are sending emails out saying, ‘Yes, we’ve got a first-round pick that we’re willing to give up.’ I think that’s just an acknowledgment that they’re open for business and they recognize that to get quality they’re going to have to give up quality, including that pick.”