Friedman: ‘I think there’s a lot of interest in Ferland

Micheal Ferland will almost certainly be dealt by the Carolina Hurricanes in the coming weeks.

Elliotte Friedman had a Monday evening TV hit on NHL Network, and he was the latest to weigh in on that possibility when he was asked about Ferland and Dougie Hamilton either sticking with the Hurricanes or potentially being on the move.

“I think Ferland is more likely to get dealt,” predicted Friedman. “The one thing that’s interesting here is the Hurricanes have played themselves back into the race, and I always wonder what’s that going to mean.

“But I’ll tell you this: Ferland, that fight he had on the weekend with Austin Watson, that did not go unnoticed. There’s not a lot of fighting in the playoffs, but it is tough, tough hockey. You guys know how it goes. You have to be willing to stand up to teams and stand up to people. It gets a bit more edgy, and Ferland has got that ability.

“Now, from what I’ve heard about the Hurricanes and Ferland, they were not close in negotiations, just not really on the same page. I think he gets dealt and guys, I think there’s a ton of interest in him. I think Edmonton would be one of those teams. I think Pittsburgh would be one of those teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vancouver, for example, is one of those teams, though I wonder if they wait until the offseason when he’s a free agent.

“I think there’s a lot of interest in Ferland.”

Ferland is in the second season of a two-year, $3.5 million contract and can become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly