McKenzie on Ducks’ trade options

A 10-game winless stretch for the Anaheim Ducks combined with an approaching trade deadline could make for some intriguing possibilities in the coming weeks.

Bob McKenzie had a Saturday radio hit on Ottawa’s TSN 1200, and was asked how he thought things might play out with this team.

“Well, if they keep losing and losing and losing, I guess at some point maybe the coach goes,” conceded McKenzie. “But to be honest with you, Bob Murray, the general manager there, seems to be not inclined to want to make a coaching change in-season. I think he wants to try to ride it out with Randy Carlyle as long as he can.

“I do believe he’s been very active - and has been all season long, and continues to be - in terms of what might be a trade option for him.

“So he’s got a lot going on there. It’s a contract year for Jakob Silfverberg. Are they going to be able to get him signed, are they not going to be able to get him signed. He’s a real good forward, and if they’re not going to be able to get him signed, then maybe he has to go.

“They’ve got lots of defensemen, when healthy. When you’ve got Lindholm and you’ve got Fowler and you’ve got Montour and you’ve got Manson - there’s a lot of really good young defensemen on that team. Some would say they have almost too many, that there’s a surplus, versus some of the other weaknesses in their lineup.

“I’ve got to believe that Bob Murray is looking at any and all trade options, both in terms of trying to make his team better in the very short term, so they can snag one of those playoff spots - the Wild Card spots - but also with an eye toward, ‘You know what? For most of the last couple of decades it seems it’s been Getzlaf and Perry and everybody else,’ and they obviously need to transition to a younger team and get a younger core. So if there’s hockey deals to be made that would allow him to do that as well…

“So I think he’s got a lot of balls in the air in terms of going in both directions. Try and make a move here that might push a button that gets them over the top and into one of the Wild Card playoff spots, but also maybe has him to think trading some players that might otherwise wouldn’t think of trading, so that you can continue a renewal if you want - not a rebuild by any stretch - but just a bit of a renewal to try and change to change the look of this team long term for many years to come.”

The 19-18-8 Ducks sit fourth in the Pacific Division with 46 points, leaving them only one point shy of a Wild Card spot in the West.