McKenzie eyes Flyers’ plans for future

Having already fired a general manager and a head coach, trades will be the next step for the Philadelphia Flyers ahead of February 25.

Bob McKenzie answered viewer questions on the NBCSN Overtime show Wednesday evening.

The opening offering wondered about what the Flyers would do at the trade deadline, and how they would address their future.

“Oh man, the Flyers fans are not very happy right now,” smiled McKenzie. “I’ve got to believe that general manager Chuck Fletcher is going to be very active between now and the deadline.

“But keep in mind a couple of things. No. 1: Flyer ownership, they don’t even want to hear ‘rebuild.’ So when people start talking about Claude Giroux, well he’s got a no-move clause. And people talk about Voracek, that might be a tough contract to move.

“But even quite aside from that, do they really want to trade veteran, core players and get younger and maybe not as good. Although some people would argue how good can they be if you’ve got Giroux and Voracek and they still have had as bad a year as they’ve had.

“I think Wayne Simmonds is a likely candidate to be moved, not 100 percent slam dunk. They may talk to him about signing a deal. The door’s not closed on that. But I think that there’s going to be a lot of interest in Wayne Simmonds.

“And I believe that Chuck Fletcher is basically going up and down roster and determining, ‘Who do we want to be part of our future here, and who do we want to get rid of.’ And now’s the time to try and get rid of those guys, acquire draft picks and young players, but also move draft picks and young players. The time has come for the Philadelphia Flyers to start parlaying some of these draft picks and prospects that they’ve got. And not emptying the cupboard by any stretch. But perhaps using some of those future considerations to get themselves a goaltender who can buy some time for Carter Hart, a veteran defenseman, and another top-end/Top-6/Top-9 forward.”

McKenzie also addressed the topic of Simmonds, a pending unrestricted free agent, earlier in the evening on NBCSN.