LeBrun: Faulk an obvious fit for Leafs

The bigger trade dominos have fallen for now in the NHL, but there are still a few players with potential to be moved.

Justin Faulk still has this season and next year remaining on his six-year contract, but the defenseman has been brought up quite a bit in trade-related chatter over the past few campaigns.

Faulk, 26, was also mentioned by Pierre LeBrun during a Wednesday afternoon Leafs Lunch appearance on Toronto’s TSN 1050 when asked about potential targets for the team with the extra cap space still remaining for 2018-19.

“One guy that I like and I think eventually he’ll get moved is Justin Faulk,” noted LeBrun. “Now, he’s not a superstar, but he’s a talented top-four defenseman who’s still only 26 years old. He’s got one more year on his deal after this year at ($4.833 million).

“I was told this summer that to some degree Carolina and Toronto did talk about him, but it didn’t go anywhere. And that might just be that Kyle Dubas was calling around the league to start getting a foundation for what’s out there over the next 12 months, who knows. But I do know that there was at least a conversation about him. But he’d be the obvious - not the obvious fit, but an obvious fit in terms of being a right-handed, top-four guy.

“The question is what would Carolina want, and there’s a reason he hasn’t moved yet. Even though Carolina is really deep on defense and they’ve got more coming, they haven’t moved him I think because he’s at a premium. If you’re coming to get Justin Faulk, you’re going to have to probably pay a huge price. And maybe that’s not just something the Leafs are ready to do at this point.

“But to your point, if there’s going to be a tangible addition to this team, given the cap room they have - at least for one more year - how could it not be on the back end. I mean honestly, it’s just screaming out at you.”

Faulk has a modified no-trade clause as part of his contract, through which he can submit a 15-team trade list.

Cap-related info via CapFriendly