McKenzie’s trade-related thoughts on Blues

If and when the St. Louis Blues dip back into trade market, it might be something substantial.

The Blues and Edmonton Oilers squared off Wednesday night on NBCSN, which provided Bob McKenzie the chance during the first intermission to discuss whether or not he thought Doug Armstrong might try to help his injury-plagued team via the trade route.

“Well, here’s the thing,” began McKenzie. “I wouldn’t say the pressure is off in St. Louis, because Doug Armstrong - nobody in St. Louis is happy with how the team has been playing, although they’ve shown signs of life lately. But as the guys talked about in the pregame show, they haven’t been consistent.

“So I think if you’re general manager Doug Armstrong, you may want to make a trade - you may want to push buttons and make things better - but then you look at who’s missing from your lineup right now in terms of key players. There’s three key forwards - Schwartz, Fabbri, Steen. Now, the good news is they’re all day-to-day. They’ve all been skating, they’re all getting closer. Alex Pietrangelo is obviously a long way off. Gunnarsson, he is day-to-day.

“So yeah, I think Doug Armstrong would like to make a move, but I also think that he wants to give Craig Berube an opportunity - not to have a full lineup, because all teams deal with injuries at some point in time, but enough of the lineup back intact so you get a better idea.

“So some people think, ‘Well, you need a goaltender.’ And maybe they do. But Jake Allen’s numbers lately have been a lot better. Whether that continues over the long haul we have to wait and see.

“So if he can make a move, Doug Armstrong, I think he will. But I think he wants to let things settle a little bit here.

“And if he does make a move, I mean, you can’t just make a little move if you’re Doug Armstrong. Because you’ve already traded for Ryan O’Reilly, you’ve signed Bozak as a free agent, you signed Maroon as a free agent, you brought in the kids - Kyrou and Thomas, you’ve got Fabbri back this year - who wasn’t around at all last year. There’s six forwards that are all brand new.

“So if you’re going to attack this problem via trade, now you’re starting to get into the core players. Do you want to start to blow things up, or do you want to back off a little bit, and let’s see if the injuries even things out and where they’re at.”