Dreger: ‘A lot of concern around the St. Louis Blues’

Trade rumors continue to build steam around the St. Louis Blues, and it’s seemingly just a matter of when and not if a deal will happen.

Darren Dreger had a Wednesday evening pregame hit on NBCSN, where he was asked if he felt the Blues are open for business.

“No question about that,” replied Dreger. “Doug Armstrong is a very active general manager, that’s not unusual. He’s always looking for ways to better his roster.

“I mean, who’s kidding who. We look at the St. Louis Blues on paper and they’re a better team than their record indicates, but they’re not playing that way. So Armstrong as general manager has the responsibility to try and shake things up.

“My sense based on the people I’m talking to around that organization is that there’s some form of mental fragility around this club. So a bad goal goes in and beats one of their goaltenders, which sadly happens often against the St. Louis Blues, and the team isn’t able to pick up and get the next one and find a way to claw back or fight their way back into a game or to claw back to win a game.

“So there’s a lot of concern around the St. Louis Blues, there’s no doubt of that. My sense from talking to managers around the National Hockey League is that Armstrong isn’t willing to part with any of his core, young pieces. Again, he can see the future in St. Louis in some of these young guys like Jaden Schwartz, but he is willing to consider just about anything else.

“It’s a quiet time around the NHL right now, not to say that there isn’t going to be something that happens before the roster freeze. But teams feel that they’re still at least remotely in it - that’ll change after the holidays.”

The holiday roster freeze runs December 19-27.

The Blues entered Wednesday evening with an 11-14-4 mark, placing them sixth in the Central Division.