McKenzie on Matt Murray trade speculation

How available might Matt Murray be on the trade front?

The Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender’s name loosely came up a few times fairly recently. Over the weekend during the Senators pre-game show Saturday on Ottawa’s TSN 1200, Bob McKenzie was asked by Ian Mendes if the Penguins were still sold on Murray.

“Yes and no,” said McKenzie, who had just been asked about Kessel leading into this portion of the conversation. “He’s injured right now obviously. And some of his poor performance earlier in the season might have been related to some degree to the injury that he currently has. He was trying to play through it. They finally shut him down. So there’s that.

“And again, I don’t think that’s one that they would necessarily enter into lightly. But again, his name’s not Malkin, his name’s not Crosby. So he’s on the list.

“I’m sure there were teams that have called and asked Jim Rutherford about Matt Murray. And obviously when you’ve got Tristan Jarry and you’ve got Casey DeSmith, you have to figure out who’s going to be our goaltender. If we didn’t have Matt Murray, who’s our go-to guy.

“And keep in mind that the here and now is everything for Pittsburgh. There’s no future consideration deals going on for Jimmy Rutherford. His idea of future considerations is what’s going to help me next week. Because as long as Malkin and Crosby are where they are in their biological clock ticking, there’s a huge sense of urgency on the part of Rutherford and the Penguins to make this year count for everything. So that might make it more difficult to do a Matt Murray deal, but not out of the question.
“I think in a perfect world what the Pittsburgh Penguins would like is for Matt Murray to come back healthy from his injury and play at the top of his game, and not have any issues in goal whatsoever.”


Murray has this season and next remaining on his three-year, $11.25 million contract.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly