LeBrun: ‘Inaction was part of Ron Hextall’s downfall’

Ron Hextall’s patience helped to restock the Flyers’ cupboards, and now a new general manager will have much with which to work.

Pierre LeBrun had a Wednesday radio hit on Ottawa’s TSN 1200.

After sharing his thoughts on the team’s GM search since firing Hextall Monday, LeBrun narrowed his focus to what fans might expect from the new hire in the coming months.

“I think what really struck me though listening to the news conference yesterday is that ownership is tired of all of the building, and they want to go back to the days where the Flyers make all of these wacky trades and then go for it. That’s really what resonated for me,” chuckled LeBrun. “And I don’t think they hid it. If you listen carefully to Dave Scott, the COO, and some of the things he said, it’s clear that inaction was part of Ron Hextall’s downfall. Even though I would argue some of that patient approach is some of what has helped the Flyers build this great farm system.

“But whoever gets hired, the marching orders for sure will be to be very active before February 25, mark my words.”