McKenzie on Holmgren’s ‘very aggressive’ GM track record

With Ron Hextall out as the general manager, what might we expect from the Flyers on the short-term trade front?

Bob McKenzie had a Tuesday afternoon radio hit on Ottawa’s TSN 1200.

As part of a larger discussion on the Flyers’ management change and philosophical shift into a ‘win now’ mode, the Insider was asked if he saw Paul Holmgren being aggressive at all in terms of finding a goaltender that can play right now for the team.

“If you look at Paul Holmgren’s history as a general manager in the National Hockey League, he’s very aggressive,” noted McKenzie. “This is a guy who is not afraid to swing for the fences, and he’s done it in the past.

“So in answer to your question, I would suggest yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets a goaltender - something stopgapish more. It wouldn’t surprise me if they look for a stopgap in net before they end up getting a general manager.”

The organization fired Hextall Monday, and then indicated Tuesday that their timeline for hiring a new GM would be more a matter of weeks than months.