Friedman: 'Everybody is going to ask' about Nylander trade cost

The time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to pull the trigger on a William Nylander trade may be nearing.

Over the weekend, Elliotte Friedman had a brief mention concerning the restricted free agent in Saturday Headlines on Hockey Night in Canada.

“You know, I still think the Toronto Maple Leafs’ goal is to sign him, but they’re at a point where they’re beginning to test the market,” indicated Friedman. “Word is that they have asked teams to inform them who teams will not be willing to move, and also to begin preparing formal offers for the unsigned Toronto winger.

“Now, I did ask the GM, Kyle Dubas, if this was accurate and he declined comment. But to our information that’s where we are at this point, that the next phase is beginning.”

Monday afternoon, Friedman had a radio hit on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 and was asked about teams aside from the Carolina Hurricanes with potential interest in acquiring Nylander.

“I do think the Hurricanes are a big one,” noted Friedman. “I think the Kings have been involved. I think Minnesota has been involved. I have speculated Philadelphia as a team that makes a lot of sense, although I can’t prove it.

“I’m sure there’s more. I look at a team like Pittsburgh that’s been struggling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve kicked the tires. I’m not sure they can do it, but I’m sure that they’ve asked.

“Everybody is going to ask, right. They’re going to say, ‘What’s this going to cost us.’

“I think Carolina is very much there and they’re having trouble scoring. I think L.A., but I’m not sure L.A. has got what they want.

“Guys, I think there’s going to be a ton of teams in there. I really do. I think the bigger question to ask maybe is who’s not going to be there.

“Everybody looks at Toronto and says they’re going to look for defense, especially right defense, in a trade. I’m not convinced of that. They may, but I think that what they’re going to do for Nylander is what’s the best deal we could make. They’re not going to pigeonhole themselves into a right-shot defenseman if it’s not the best player they could get.

“They’re going to go out for the best they can get, and they’re worry about their defense somewhere else.”

Nylander must be signed to a contract by the December 1 deadline in order to play in the NHL this season.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly