Dreger: Bruins ‘looking for an experienced player’

The Boston Bruins still appear to be searching the trade market for veteran options.

Darren Dreger had a First Up radio hit Monday morning on Toronto’s TSN 1050, and was asked if the Bruins were “looking to get better.”

“They are, and look - this isn’t a news flash - they’ve been one of the teams that’s seemingly been in the market pretty much from the start of the year, and it probably dates back to the offseason,” noted Dreger. “And we know they tried Rick Nash as a rental, an unrestricted free agent, last year. They didn’t go as deep as they were hoping or counting on, but they still believe that they are a Stanley Cup contender.

“They’re in that unique situation where they’re actually looking for an experienced player. They’ve got cap space, which helps, and - most importantly - they’ve got a collection of really good young players to use as bait.

“Most would be calling and saying, ‘Well, I’d be willing to consider this but it’s going to take Jake DeBrusk.’ Well, they’re not going to trade DeBrusk. But they might trade Bjork, Heinen, a younger piece like that.

“Some of the Boston media guys are speculating on Charlie McAvoy. Was it Dupont - Kevin Paul Dupont  was talking about… and look, we’re free to speculate and have fun - that’s what social media is all about. But I think at one point he had McAvoy attached to Toronto for William Nylander. Well, if that deal were ever offered? Get it done. Get it done. So that’s the kind of stuff.

“But when I look at Boston, I want to connect them to an underachieving team like Los Angeles, maybe. I don’t know what Jeff Carter’s contract looks like with the no-moves, no-trades, all of that kind of stuff. But I know Jeff Carter knows how to win, and I think he’s got enough left in his tank that he could help somebody. And obviously the Los Angeles Kings need to get a little bit younger and quicker, so maybe there’s a trade fit there.

“I think that type of piece - a centerman - is something that Boston would like to add in the weeks and months ahead.”

Carter’s 11-year, $58 million contract runs through 2022, carries a cap hit a shade under $5.3 million, and does not have any trade protection written into it.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly