NHL trade talk activity level perspectives vary

So just how busy is it behind the scenes on the NHL trade front?

Like many things in life, it’s apparently a matter of perspective.

Thursday morning, Darren Dreger relayed what he’s recently been told.

During a radio hit on Montreal’s TSN 690, the Insider passed this along: “I talked to an Eastern Conference general manager last night who said it is scary quiet. He can’t remember it being this quiet at this stage of the regular season.”

Dreger’s Leafs Lunch appearance on Toronto’s TSN 1050 later in the day - when coupled with the earlier note - seemingly further narrowed down to which GM he spoke.

“I was also told by a Canadian GM earlier this week it is scary quiet out there on the trade front.”

So not only was it an Eastern Conference GM, but it was also apparently an Eastern Canadian team - which would mean either the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, or Toronto Maple Leafs.

It’s possible Dreger was referencing two different GMs - a point that could be argued with the “last night” and “earlier this week” references - but the use of the specific “scary quiet” phrase would put more weight on it having been the same interaction.

That single GM’s perspective was that there isn’t too much going in terms of trade discussion, but that varies fairly notably with what Elliotte Friedman was told by multiple sources last week.

“I did have a couple of guys tell me yesterday that they say there’s probably more trade talks than normal for the beginning of this year,” noted Friedman on Friday. “It takes two to tango obviously, but it sounds like there is the possibility at least of that.

Again, simply a different perspective.

The smarmy social media response would be something derogatory aimed at either Insider’s credibility, but the simple truth is likely that there may not be much trade talk pointed toward that Eastern Canadian general manager’s direction, while the people with whom Friedman interacted may be hearing more dialogue.

Either ways, fans need a few trades - and sooner rather than later, preferably.