Dreger: ‘Boston wants to swing with the big boys’

The Boston Bruins are one of the teams seemingly gauging the NHL trade market early on.

Darren Dreger appeared on Thursday’s edition of Leafs Lunch on Toronto’s TSN 1050, and mentioned the team as part of a larger, trade-based discussion on how organizations can’t afford to be too patient in the early going of the regular season.

“A couple of weeks ago we talked about the Boston Bruins on Insider Trading, and how Boston was in the market for a centerman of some description,” recalled Dreger. “Boston is an interesting dynamic for me. They’ve got some good, young players in Heinen and Bjork, players that are kind of similar to one another, that they might be willing to part with if they can acquire an experienced piece - a veteran forward - in return.

“Because Boston wants to swing with the big boys. They think that they’re as good as the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Toronto Maple Leafs when they’re healthy; but they know there’s going to be some big battles and challenges that have to be won in the Eastern Conference.

“So they want to add to the experience that they already have. Maybe, maybe there’s a fit, maybe there’s a piece in Los Angeles that makes sense to Boston, and L.A. gets a cheaper, younger player, as an example. And I use L.A. just for sake of discussion here. I’m not suggesting that there’s any trade dialogue happening between those clubs.

“But I look at the Boston Bruins as a team that might try and shake things up a little bit.”

As Dreger clarified, he was simply using the Kings - about whom he had been asked earlier in the discussion, in terms of their slow start to the season - as an example in the conversation.