Dreger explores potential of Martinez trade

Los Angeles Kings blueliner Alec Martinez debuted at No. 4 on TSN’s first Trade Bait board of the season.

The veteran defenseman’s name came up during a Wednesday afternoon radio hit on Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 for Darren Dreger.

“I know why Frank Seravalli put him on the board because there’s been some speculation around Martinez,” indicated Dreger. “I’m not at all taking apart Frank’s report, because it’s legit to have that name up there. Myers is on there, William Nylander at the top of the list, there are some other very interesting names. The sense that I get from L.A. - now, this is going back a week or so ago and I specifically asked about Martinez - the feedback I got back was, ‘Not yet.’

“I feel like Blake is probably in a similar situation, only through a position of weakness. General managers never want to make a trade, involving a player that is of some significance here, from a position of weakness. And L.A. is in that position of weakness with the injuries that they have and how poorly they’ve played, where they’re positioned in the Western Conference standings. I mean, managers aren’t throwing life preservers, they’re throwing anchors. There’s a ton of interest, I’m sure, in Martinez, but not at the value that Blake would consider trading him.

“But that’s part of the heavy lifting of being a GM. Blake has got to assess his situation, coaching included - and now that Quick is out for an extended and indefinite period of time - and decide whether or not a trade is enough to inject some life into this group, or just sit pat and see how it goes.”

Martinez has this season and two more remaining on his six-year, $24 million contract, which does not carry any trade protection.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly