Dreger: Nash remains undecided on NHL future

Rick Nash hasn’t been sure over the past few months if he wants to continue his NHL career, and it doesn’t sound like he’s any closer to reaching a decision.

The 34-year-old winger has been an unrestricted free agent since his eight-year contract expired at the end of June, and he’s been taking his time to consider his options moving forward.

“The latest information we have, and it’s far from breaking news, is he remains undecided,” indicated NHL Insider Darren Dreger during a Tuesday afternoon radio hit on Vancouver’s TSN 1040. “I don’t think that it’s a health issue. I don’t think that he’s got lingering effects or post-concussion or any of that stuff that has encouraged him to just step away from the game.I think that it’s a combination of things.

“I mean, maybe his future health is somewhat in question, or he has some concerns, but I don’t get that sense. I think this is more about his family life and enjoying being around his young kids - and he’s got a few of them, so he’s a busy guy. It’s not like he’s sitting in quasi-retirement here just killing time. He’s busy. But I also don’t think he’s closed the door on the possibility of returning to the National Hockey League.

“But we checked on this last week, and there’s nothing percolating. I’m sure that there would be teams of interest, but at least for the moment Rick Nash is happy doing what he’s doing and maybe he wakes up in a month from now or around Christmas and says, ‘You know what? The fire is still burning. I want to play.’

“And at that point then his agent, Joe Resnick, will engage and I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of teams with interest.”

Nash was traded from the New York Rangers to the Boston Bruins in a February 25 deal.

The cap hit on that expiring contract was $7.8 million.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly