Friedman: Predators’ focus remains on winning Cup

How tempted might David Poile become this season to deal from his blueline depth to improve his team’s offensive capabilities up front?

Elliotte Friedman had a Friday morning radio hit on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, and was asked if he thought the Nashville Predators would still have the same Top 4 on the back end headed into the playoffs, or if they’d deal a defenseman to bolster the wing.

“I think the one thing we’ve learned about David Poile is that he’s not afraid to make a big move, right,” noted Friedman. “He’s made a couple of the biggest over the last couple of years - Johansen-Jones, and the Turris deal. He’s not afraid. If there’s something there, he’ll do it.

“I mean, look - last year there were rumors that they were going to deal Subban, and he came right out and said, ‘We’re not doing that.’

“So to me, they’re in it to win it. They’re good enough to win the Stanley Cup, and their goal is to win the Stanley Cup, and they’re not doing anything that takes them away from winning the Cup.

“Their next big contract that they’ve got to get done on the blueline is Josi. He’s eligible for an extension on July 1, and it doesn’t take effect for another two years. So as far as I’m concerned, that’s your countdown clock. If you have to move someone on the blueline, you can do it in a year, you can do it in two years, you can do it that way.

“But I don’t think they do anything that takes away their chance to win the Stanley Cup this year. So if you’re telling me they’re going to move one of those blueliners, they’re doing it for something that’s going to be awesome.”

Josi has this season and next left on his seven-year, $28 million contract, which carries a paltry $4 million cap hit.

As the conversation on 960 continued, Friedman was asked,” How good would this team be if they spent to the cap?”

“Don’t forget that doesn’t mean that they won’t,” countered Friedman. “In terms of it leaves them room for things to do.

“That’s the thing - they’re all in to win, right. So that says to me that the fact they’ve got room doesn’t mean they won’t spend it.”

CapFriendly lists the Predators with a little over $8.3 million in projected cap space.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly