Friedman on Hurricanes’ ‘excess of right-hand shooting defensemen’

The Carolina Hurricanes remain a team to watch on the NHL trade front.

During a Wednesday evening appearance on NHL Network, Elliotte Friedman was asked how quickly this team might enter the trade market given the surplus of right-handed shooting defensemen on the roster, and also having three NHL goalies when Scott Darling returns to action.

“I think that’s going to be up on them,” began Friedman. “They have been one of the teams that’s been reported to have called Toronto about Nylander to see if they’re interested in trading him, and to this point the Maple Leafs have said they’re not willing to do that. So I think that shows that they are in and around the market and they are considering it.

“I think the thing about the four right-handed D is interesting because as the two guys next to you on the panel know, good right-handed defensemen are very hard to find - they’re really valuable and they’re really wanted. The Hurricanes have Faulk and van Riemsdyk and Pesce and Slavin, who’s not going anywhere. But teams are going to be calling them and saying, ‘What are you doing here?’

“I think the other thing too is with Darling close to coming back, they’re in a situation where if they want to carry three goalies - and a lot of people don’t, they can - but if they don’t, someone is going to have to go on waivers. They could put Darling on waivers and he’s not going to get claimed, but if they put either Mrazek or McElhinney on waivers, I think one of those two guys would get claimed, and possibly even by Toronto - depending on which one is there.

“So I think Carolina is going to have some interesting roster decisions to make, and I think people will continue to be in touch with them because they have a luxury, and that is an excess of right-hand shooting defensemen.”

Pierre LeBrun wondered about a possible Pesce connection between the Canes and Leafs during an Insider Trading segment this week.

The defenseman is in the first season of a six-year contract carrying a cap hit of $4.025 million.

Contract-related info via CapFriendly