Dreger: Bruins could be in market for centerman

The NHL trade market tends to be on the slower side in the early going, but there are always teams quietly making inquiries behind the scenes.

Darren Dreger had a Tuesday afternoon radio hit on Ottawa’s TSN 1200, and was asked about what he’s hearing.

“It is relatively quiet around the league. I’m hearing rumblings around the Boston Bruins,” noted Dreger. “But nothing that’s hot or front-burner, as Cliff Fletcher used to say. It’s more that the Boston Bruins, they have an abundance of good, young forwards. For the Bruins to be as good as they were last year, or even better and contending, then they feel like maybe they’ve got to add another piece.

“I’m hearing that they could be in the market for a centerman. Is that a third-line center. Right now they’ve got David Backes, who’s doing a nice job in that spot. Is it a better player that that. Who are the assets that they’re going to be willing to part with.

“So I think it’s very early in the regular season, but I think that there are a few teams at least who have at least put out word that they’re willing to listen and willing to look at maybe what some other clubs are considering parting with at some point in the season.”

The Bruins are 4-1-0 through their first five starts.