Friedman: Everybody is feeling the heat of Oilers’ start

The Edmonton Oilers have lost their first two games of the season and, needless to say, this is not quite the start for which the organization was hoping.

Elliotte Friedman had a Friday morning radio hit on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, and brought up the Oilers when asked what he was working on for the weekend Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

“I honestly think guys - and they play tomorrow afternoon in New York - but I really do believe that one of the real tough places right now in the NHL is in Edmonton,” indicated Friedman. “They’re 0-2. McDavid has looked great and done spectacular things in both games and they can’t sustain it.

“I just think the heat internally in that organization - I was just told this morning it’s a really tense place. I think everybody there is feeling it. I think that is clearly one of the - it’s going to be one of the hot areas in the league, and not in a good way. I think everybody there is really feeling the pressure.”

Friedman was asked if “it’s closer than it’s ever been” concerning head coach Todd McLellan being on the hot seat.

“I would just say this: I don’t there’s a person in that organization who feels secure,” noted Friedman. “Maybe Gretzky because, I mean, he’s Gretzky. But I don’t think there’s anybody in that organization who feels secure about what’s going on right now.

“So I wouldn’t say one guy, I would say it’s probably just about everybody.”

The Oilers take on the Rangers Saturday and then the Winnipeg Jets Tuesday before finally heading home for their first game of the season in Edmonton.