LeBrun: Bergevin more focused on hockey deal over rental

Pierre LeBrun was on Montreal’s TSN 690 on Thursday afternoon.

On if the Montreal Canadiens will make a trade:

"I suspect they will before the deadline comes and passes March 2. Yes, I suspect they will.

“The sense I get from talking to other people around the league is that Marc Bergevin is more focused on a hockey deal than he is on a rental deal. Trying to get someone in that can be part of this team past this year.

“Now, I think he had the same focus a year ago, to be honest, and ended up – the Vanek thing... kind of fell in his lap. He wasn’t really aiming for Thomas Vanek, but the price was so low that he went for it at the 11th hour.

“So that could still happen, too, where he ends up with a rental not because it was his initial priority or plan, but because it ends up making the most sense. Because it is harder to make a hockey deal this time of year.

“But the other thing I would tell you and I think I’d shared this before to your listeners, but I tell you what – I’m not sure if there’s a GM right now making more phone calls right now than him. Now again, that’s not because there’s something imminent. I mean, there could be. But I think the sense I get is just the level of research that he’s putting in so that when you’re making that 11th hour decision you know exactly after having talked to that team a couple of times in the last few weeks what you need to offer and who is available, etc.

“So very active in terms of doing his homework.”

LeBrun said he has "zero intel that Montreal and Colorado has talked" concerning a trade for Ryan O'Reilly.

Also: "I think in a perfect world, again, judging from other teams and them talking to Bergevin, I think that Montreal is looking to add both a piece up front and on defence if they can get it done between now and March 2.

"But again, I want to stress this: Even though the Plan A is to make a hockey deal, it's hard to do that. And I think that at the end of the day if there's a rental that makes sense, I don't think they're completely against it. It's just they'd rather not do that."

Source: TSN 690/ Transcript: Nichols on Hockey

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