McKenzie: Dreger reports on potential Lecavalier retirement plans

Bob McKenzie was on Toronto’s TSN 1050 on Tuesday afternoon.

On if there is a market for the Flyers to move Vincent Lecavalier:

“Right now, no. The contract is virtually untradeable. Unless there’s a team that would say, ‘Okay, we will take his contract, but you have to give us something to take it on.’

“So some of the teams that... basically, you’ve got cap room. You’ve got money. And you want draft picks. You want young players. So they’re going to say to the Philadelphia Flyers, ‘Yeah, sure. Give us Vinny Lecavalier. Give us a second round pick. We’ll give you a fifth round pick. And we’ll just bury him here.’

“Now, Darren Dreger reported on Insider Trading tonight that Vinny Lecavalier - people close to Lecavalier are saying he’s ready to retire at the end of next season, leaving two years on the table. Now, he’s still making significant money this year and next year. I think $6 million this year, $4 million or thereabouts next year, and then he’s got $3 million in each of the final two years of the deal that he might be prepared to walk away from. So maybe that would entire someone, knowing that the financial obligation is not going to go for four years. That it’s going to be for a year and a half.

Do you think that’s something just being floated out there, just to help get him out of this situation?

“Perhaps. Perhaps. That’s always a possibility. So yeah, people are going to want to get creative and find ways to make it happen. But it’s really clear that as long as Craig Berube is the coach, Vinny Lecavalier is not moving up in that lineup.”

Source: TSN 1050/ Transcript: Nichols on Hockey