Dreger: "No question" Bergevin would make Cup-run trade

Darren Dreger was on TSN 1290 Wednesday afternoon.

On if Marc Bergevin has a plan where, if his Montreal Canadiens hang around the top of the Eastern Conference late into the season, he goes out and tries to tune up his team so they can beat the powerhouses of the West in the Cup Finals:

“I think he does. I think that he has the backing from ownership to do that. I think that he’s got a plan that he’s not willing to share, and why would he, that would include something like that.

(The host, in his run-up with the question, specifically said: “I don’t call them a Stanley Cup contender right now, because of the strength in the West.”)

“And you know what? I think he’d take issue and I might question whether they’re not a Stanley Cup contender. You win the Eastern Conference, which I think Montreal is capable of doing this year – not suggesting they’re going to, but they are capable – then you have a chance of winning that Stanley Cup. Obviously. You catch that Western Conference team off a game or two and all of the sudden you’ve got a long series and that bodes well for any team in the East that wins that conference.

“But in answer to your question – absolutely. I mean, there’s been a plan in place from the moment that Bergevin took over the general manager’s office in Montreal and I think for the most part, he’s executed near flawlessly – including a tough negotiation with P.K. Subban that has paid dividends, I think, for both. He’s going to be a long-time contributor for the Montreal Canadiens.

“But again, if the right fit is out there, and even if it’s a rental opportunity where Bergevin knows either offensively or defensively this piece is going to be make his team a better bet to win the East and challenge for that Stanley Cup, he’ll do it. No question.”

Source: TSN 1290/ Transcript: Nichols on Hockey